How it works

Jamalulquran Online Quran Academy is provided using the latest internet technology. Tutors and students communicate over Skype telephony software using a standard computer required with a headset and microphone. Using free screen sharing software students are able to view teaching material on the tutor's computer.

Free Trail Classes

3 Days Free Trail Classes: Jamalulquran offers its students with affordable fee (Hadia) for its Online Quran Reading Services. You may choose one of the packages listed below or contact us for a more customized fee plan

Customer Support

If you have any questions or need any kind of information please use any of the methods below to support.

Welcome To Jamal-ul-Quran

Learning Quran Online has been one of most helpfull and effective procedures that assist Muslims all around  the world about the teaching of Quran and about Islam. The aim of our Academy is to provide Qur’an classes  in an ease to kids and elders at their door step, it’s easier than you can imagine. Now you and your kids gain the knowledge of Islam at their home in from of your eyes, so no need to drive your kids far away to a mosque to learn Quran with Tajweed. We can help you to read Quraan with appropriate rules of Tajweed and improve your recitation techniques. Alhamdulillah many people have finished with us, It does not matter that how young or old you are or if you are a beginner with the help of our qualified tutors we will start guiding you from basic Noorani Qaida lessons gradually improving to the higher level of Tajweed. Our ACADEMY has the most effective program of learning Quran through internet , Learn Quran On Skype with us. Flexible Timings, The class timings at are extremely flexible and the students can schedule the classes according to their convenience.Our fee is not fixed it is up to you what ever you can afford! send us email or call, Wassalam & Allah hafiz.

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    Salam My Name Is Omer And I Like Doing Quran Classes With My Teacher Shahid. It Makes Me Feel Better And Puts Me In A Happy Place. When I Start To Read It. It Makes Me Feel Good And Glad That I'm A Muslim And I Can Read The Quran Now. So Everybody Who's Muslim Should Do Quran Classes And Most Of All Read The Quran. Because It Will Put You In A Happy Place.

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